Racing Bros Edge Fork Seal Expand

Racing Bros Edge Fork Seal


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Racing Bros Edge Seal - The outstanding features of the Low Friction Racing Bros were increased through the use of innovative materials again.
The result is an even better performance!
The innovation lies in the choice of materials of Racing Bros EDGE seals, also called Zero Friction.

One-piece construction:

The one-piece modes Performance of wiper Racingbros combine dust seal and oil seal in one component. The oil is kept inside the fork while dirt, mud or sand, are kept out.

Long Durability:

In long-term test of up to 20,000 compression cycles while exposed to spraying mud, sand, water and ice as well as numerous test riders during the development phase has shown:

waterproof and UV-resistant
Working temperature from -25 ° -80 ° Celsius

2 x Wiper seals
2 x Foam rings
2 x Crush washers

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